Songs of Life

Just For Fun

By Mehek Doshi, Class 6, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

If my life were a movie, the song on my soundtrack would be……….. Life is a game with ups and downs. Treading through stifling difficulties with therapeutic retreats or swashbuckling risks. High-spirited soar maneuvering life tactfully; while others fall with futile endeavours. If life was like a movie, and the 3 songs on my soundtrack would be……….. "Take on the world" by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard This song is about facing the unfathomable world. Every young soul has to take on the world and face the cut throat competition of life. Like every other, I seek to find my place in this ominous and competitive world. Reaching for the stars I’ve got some pages of history to change. I am ready to go on the dangerous ride of life. But my kith and kin will always be there by my side. The world may be unnerving, but everyone has the ability to fly high, as their fears crash to the ground; all we need to is to believe that everything is possible. The Wildside by Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson This song is about the fun side of life’s treacherously long journey. It shows me that even though life is a harsh game with tough competition it still has the experience of letting loose and breaking all the rules. Life doesn't always have to be serious solemn and pressuring journey could also have fun sometimes. We often get caught in working hard to kiss the feet of success that we often forget to look out- of- the-box and see things upside down. Nothing should stop us from breaking free and touching the stars and it shouldn't stop you from being yourself. We should break out from the shackles of archaic thought and determination and live on the WILDSIDE of life! If only by dove Cameron This song is about finding who you are. You can be futile or successful in life. To some you are an angel and naive to others a daredevil. Everyone is searching inside themselves to find their destiny and what is their existence in the universe. We look deep inside to find who we’re meant to be. Every step, every word with every second we are mutating into someone or something we have never been, some part of ourselves we never knew. There is no limit to finding who you are. Our souls are full of knowledge and there is no stopping from going deeper to choose your path and be who you are meant to be. Life is not a dreamland that is brimming with sunshine and rainbows. We have to reach for a life in it and never give up believing. Along with determination we have the quest to find who we are. We should just be ourselves because that is the key to finding who you’re meant to be. Sometimes it’s okay to break free from everyday life and have fun. Life is a movie filled with songs.


Mehek Doshi Dhirubhai Ambani International School