By Niyati Minal Sanjay Gosar, Class 10, G.E.S English Medium School, Mumbai

Being a girl is a pain or a boon, 
the mystery will be revealed soon, 
but till then let us face the truth, 
the truth that is bitter 
but sometimes sweet too. 

People are of different types you know, 
and different is their way, 
the way of treating people, 
or should I say female? 
I believe in equality, 
but some people don't, 
what will be the reason, 
which is still unknown. 

This is the bitter thing, 
but there is sweet too, 
the sweetness of the believers,
the believer of change, 
who want to make it easier, 
for each and every female, 
to breath and to live every day.


Niyati Minal Sanjay Gosar G.E.S English Medium School