The Rabbit's Wish


By Vihaan Pawar, Class 2, Orion ICSE School, Mumbai

Once, there lived a Little Rabbit with his mother. They lived happily. One day, the Little Rabbit saw a train. He saw it's wheels. It was running very fast. The Little Rabbit watched the train as it sped. It was a very long train. He watched until the whole train went ahead. The Little Rabbit was very fascinated by the trains wheels. He went home and asked his mother, "Can you give me wheels, Mother?" The mother firmly said, "NO!". Now the rabbit only wanted the wheels. He was arguing with his mother for the wheels. After a long argument, the mother slapped the rabbit. The rabbit went out crying.

He met the wise old owl on the old banyan tree. The owl asked the rabbit, "Why are you crying?" The rabbit explained everything. The owl said, "Go to the Well of Wishes. You will have your wishes fulfilled." The rabbit went there. He told his wish to the Well of Wishes and it was fulfilled. The rabbit was very happy. He went playing here and there. Soon, it became dark. He started hearing the sounds of hounds. He started running helter skelter. The hounds were now behind the Little Rabbit.

So, he started to climb up a mountain but could not as he kept sliding down because of his wheels. He hurried back to the well of wishes and told it to return him his legs. He then quickly went home. At night, he apologised to his mother for arguing with her over the wheels. The Little Rabbit had learnt his lesson. Moral: Be happy with what God has given you.


Vihaan Pawar Orion ICSE School