Why I like Robinage

Letters to Editor

By Hiranya Verma, Class 3, Naval Childrens School, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai

I love Robinage because it is so inspiring, yet at the same time fun and creative. I wait every week impatiently and eagerly just to read the refreshing new news of Robinage; so many interesting mythologies to discover, wonderful stories to read and amazing quiz to solve. I also read the delightful cooking recipes, and one day I will actually cook from one of them. I love all the activities from mazes to word searches.

I wonder to myself: "How do they come up with such amazing stuff?” I actually wonder every time I read it. How can it get better than this! I have no idea. When I grow up I will get a job with Robinage. If reading this newspaper is so much fun, how much fun producing it will be? Probably thousand times and more.


Hiranya Verma Naval Childrens School, Navy Nagar, Colaba