Reading is Fun!

Just For Fun

By Neha Varadharajan, Class 7, The Orbis School, Keshavnagar, Pune

A book came to me one day and said,"Do you like me, little girl?" I said no.I like toys at that age, I was six. What else can a girl of six like? except dolls,maybe nothing else. The book told me to just read it once and confirm my intense dislike for books. I said no again. "I do not want to read you and waste my time." "Time is never a wastage.

When you are going to read me, you will be beheld by my superpowers to entrance any human being." "Okay,just this once." I took the book and read its cover. It said Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I opened it and read it. Not only was every line, picture and word interesting, but such a wonderful story, I never heard of . When I close the book, I think that the book is indeed right. I was totally entranced and charmed by it. And that was the day I read my first complete book.


Neha Varadharajan The Orbis School, Keshavnagar