Celebrating Motherhood

Letters to Editor

By Prabhleen Kaur, Class 10, DPS Dhuri, Malerkotla

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year and it is a day when we all show gratitude to our lovely and gorgeous mothers. It’s like celebrating motherhood or the precious moments she gives to her child. It is celebrated with great happiness and enthusiasm all over the world. Her place in our lives can’t be taken by another person. Mother’s day has a great historical background about its origin, celebrations etc. Anna Jarvis started celebrating it in 1908. A mother nurtures us with great love and affection and she takes care of us throughout her life. Mothers hold their children’s hand for moment but their hearts for lifetime. Let us celebrate the love that all motherly figures have bestowed in our lives. On this mother’s day, let us present our mothers with token of love, respect and appreciation. Wrapping up, a good mother provides a true reflection. She is the one who plays an important role in our lives, so she deserves the best gifts from our ends.


Prabhleen Kaur DPS Dhuri