Friends! The Most Important Asset In Our Lives!


By Arnesh Bhowmik, Class 6 B, Primus Public School, Bengaluru

So, by the title you must be thinking that how can friends be so important in our lives. But actually it's true. If you are a working adult who is reading this story, then I would like to ask you, how much do you earn, do you remember the names of your best friends at preschool, do you remember the names of your friends at primary school, do you remember the names of your best friends at middle school, do you even remember the names of your friends at high school and college and do you remember the names of your colleagues at your first job, do you still have good contacts with them?? Now most of you earn enough money to spend the rest of your life, but just think, if you don't have anyone to talk to as you never kept good contacts with them and you were feeling lonely and sad, nobody would be there to help you out or to console you, at that point of life money also wouldn't have helped you.

Even if you earn crores and crores of money each year your life isn't fulfilled unless you have good contacts with your old friends. Most of you have Facebook accounts in which you love to boast about your profile, you upload pictures in it but you are missing out one very incredible feature of Facebook. Most of you still remember some of the names of your best friends' names during your school and college days (the golden days). You can just find them in Facebook and can again continue that friendship during your precious schooling. You might not even know that your friend lives very close to you and you both can meet and change your life with even more happiness.

Just uninstall Facebook from your smartphone if you are not interested in using that feature of Facebook. One more thing, you are never old to make new friends everyday. Friends can even be helpful in some moments of life like if you have met with an accident or you have some serious illness, your friends will try their best in helping you, if you have kept good relations with them and friends will only be good to you if you are good to them. And if you are a kid, one tip for you never stop making friends in life, especially one whom you feel is good to you. Never differentiate your friends due to reasons like their behavior etc. God has given one thing to every human on Earth and that is the ability to make new and good friends and that ability never fades out of your mind until you go to heaven, so use that wisely. I think now you might have understood that how friends are so important in our lives, more than money and finance. So, keep making friends.


Arnesh Bhowmik Primus Public School