The Haunted Glass Slipper


By Ananya S K, Class 2, National Public School, Bengaluru

Once upon a time, in a land far away there was one haunted house where there were a pair of golden slippers. They were unusual. The golden slipper had the ability to fly. The people in the kingdom were anxious about this slipper. They wanted to wear it and go around the world as this slipper had the magical power to take people around the world.

Soon the king knew about this and he dared to go to the haunted house as he was also excited to wear this magical golden slipper but he saw the golden slipper crying the king asked "golden slipper why are you crying?" replied I have lost my power to fly can you help me in getting back ? The king said " Yes I will" The slipper said there is a witch near my house who took away the other slipper of mine my partner , therefore I am alone left with no magical power as my power works with my partner being together.

Well slipper the king said I will help you show me the path to find your partner they both reached the place and king along with his soldiers went inside witch's home and to his surprise the witch had a wound which would turn a person into a shoe,sohe knew this , went in disguise dressed like witchman, the witch believing him invited for dinner during which she spoke to him about her secrets and she least knew about the king, the wise king came to know all her secrets threw her wand into a river now the witch turned into and old bird the king kept the bird in a cage with keys locked now, now went towards golden slipper brought back and kept it aside the one which asked for kings help.

Here comes the golden pair slipper. The slippers were very happy to see each other again thanked the king and slippers stayed in his palace, then took him around the world as he wore it,the king was very excited as he could see his entire kingdom and his dream came true. Now onwards golden slipper was called Royal slipper of Kingdom.


Ananya S K National Public School