Nia and the Giants


By Sharbani Udia, Class 4, Pathways School, Gurgaon

Far away in the mystical island named Lemoncia there lived a girl called Nia. She lived in a little town called Tinamu. She had many friends. The town would have a party every Monday to celebrate the starting of the week. They would celebrate in the village town hall. The town hall was a big place in the centre of town. It had a beautiful garden around it. The village children would play in the garden.

One day, Nia and her friends were playing football. Suddenly, there was a loud ‘THUD’ and someone said these words ‘FEE FI FO FUM!’ A huge foot came out from behind the trees and crushed the football. Nia screamed ‘My ball! Who could have been so vicious and stepped on my football!’ Nia‘s friends looked up and were terrified. One of Nia‘s friends shouted scared’ G..G...GIANTS!’ The girls ran as fast as they could to the townhall. They hid behind a stack of chairs. The giants followed the girls. ‘Here little girls. I’m not going to hurt you.’ said the boss of the giants. He was Narlak, the hungry one. Suddenly, there was silence. It seemed like the giants had left. The girls slowly peek out of the chairs.

‘AAAAAAHHAAA!’ screamed Narlak, in a hungry voice. The giant put his hand through the chairs. The girls screamed and they escaped out with immense difficulty. All the girls ran as soon as they got out of the piles of chairs. Narlak ordered the giants to kill all the girls. One of Nia’s friends Tiya screamed ‘WAIT!! I have heard about you when I was young. You are the greatest person I know.’ ‘Are you trying to make me talk about myself because I would love too!’ Said Narlak.’ Yes please!!’ said Tiya. While that was going on Nia sneaked below the giants and looped wires around their legs. Then all the girls ran to the other side of the town hall.

The giants tried to go after them, one of them tripped on the wire. He got electrocuted and passed it on to all the other giants. Their teeth started to chatter… POOTIIITOFFF!POOTIITOFFF! Suddenly, the giants stared to shrink. They soon became small little fairies. The girls rushed and trapped the fairies in a Jar! ‘Let me out of here! I’m the boss!’ screamed Narlak. ‘Oops! Sorry Boss or should we say little fairy’ the girls chuckled. ‘Yay! We beat those annoying giants and made them fairies’ said Nia. ‘Everyone deserves a pat on the back. So what if we are little girls, we fought with our brains and defeated those mighty giants’. They all celebrated with some Yakult and chips. Soon, everything was back to normal at Tinamu but remember to keep an eye on the jar.


Sharbani Udia Pathways School