The Effect of Love


By Harsh Sapra , Class 9 B, Learning Paths School, Mohali

"Is it important for you to leave?” Frank’s mother asked. "Mom, it’s only a matter of a few days,” Frank answered. He was leaving for London for three months and he decided to keep his mother at Orphan Age home until he returns from his work. Next morning, he sends his mother to an orphanage home and before leaving he bid goodbye to her. Then after having a talk with the manager he left. His mother was introduced to all the members by the manager and soon in a couple of days they all were friends

. She was living a happy life there. She thought and called her son. "Frank, how are you? I am fine here but missing you. When will you return?” his mother asked. "Mom, I will be back in three months. Right now, I am busy in a conference. Call you later.” Frank said. One month passed. Frank’s mother called him and then also he gave the same reply he did last time. Now, whenever she called him he replied the same. Six months passed. His mother was shocked that he hadn’t returned yet. And in a month she died. All the people at Orphan Age home started talking about the incident. "Now what should we do?” one of the members asked. "NOW!!!, that boy just sent his mother here and never returned. It must not be important for him to hear the news of the death of his mother.” A man name Ron said. "But still, it was his mother.

We should ask the manager to call that boy.” They called the manager and asked him to call Frank. "Frank!” the manager said, "He is no more!” "What?” everybody started asking "What happened?” "Before leaving,” the manager started sharing his talk with Frank, "He told me that he was suffering from cancer and didn’t want his mother to suffer too, from the same disease. So, he left his mother here and went away.” "Oh!” everybody was in a deep shock that they had thought that he was so selfish or cruel but was having a heart of gold. "But,” Ron asked, "Who was speaking to his mother for months as you just said he was dead?” "Actually,” the manager said, "He gave me a recording of his voice and asked me to play it whenever his mother called him.” Everybody was in pain, thinking of the incident. Sometimes, the reason behind our motives is not visible to others, but what people do for love is unprecedented! This was one such story!


Harsh Sapra Learning Paths School