Beating the Waste

Letters to Editor

By Isha Jain, Class 10, D.P.S. Dhuri, Malerkotla

The title that is the beating of plastic meant that their must be sustainable development with plastic means the development which can sustain the upcoming future resources and the theme for world environment 2018 , urges governments, industries, communities and individuals to come together and explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the production and excessive single use of plastic which led to the pollution in seas, oceans, land and it is also a threat for human as well as marine life. For a big country like India the population continues to grow which led to more waste products by humans.

They use soda cans, water bottles etc as their daily requirements but this led to an excessive increase in the content of plastic in the environment. As plastic is composed of many toxic things it has the potential to cause great harm to the human life. Excess of plastic led to killing plant life and posing dangers to local animals. Plastic is an incredibly useful material, but it is also made from toxic compounds known to cause illness, and because it is meant for durability, it is not biodegradable. There are many causes contributing in the

increase of plastic waste like plain old trash Plastic is everywhere, even on those items you may not expect it to be. Milk cartons are lined with plastic, water bottles are handed out everywhere, and some products may even contain tiny plastic beads. Every time one of these items gets thrown away or washed down a sink, the toxic pollutants have more of a chance to enter the environment and do harm. Then It is Overused means As plastic is less expensive, it is one of the most widely available and overused item in the world today. When disposed, it does not decompose easily and pollutes the land or air nearby when burned in the open air. The things like Fishing Nets are also made by this toxic substance plastic. Disposing of Plastic and Garbage as plastic can not be disposed so the people use to burn it which led to release of very toxic gases in the atmosphere.

Now I would like to talk about the effects of this non biodegradable waste plastic it effects food chain means plastic comes in sizes large and small, polluting plastics even affect the world’s tiniest organisms such as plankton. When these organisms become poisoned due to plastic ingestion, this causes problems for the larger animals that depend on them for food. This can cause a whole slew of problems, each step further along the food chain. Plus, it means that plastic are present in the fish that many people eat everyday. It also led to ground water pollution, land pollution and air pollution. It is very poisonous so it led to the excessive killing of animals which led to the death of animals living in water Earth was a peaceful place once when none lived here but from the small organisms to the most capable human beings it became a place of life and greenery loved by us early.

Slowly our needs instigated us to move further and from wheels to the nuclear energy we cross all the hurdles to be called as supreme power for innovative ideas. Actually, we became supreme powers but in attaining this tag we ignored the pains the mother earth bore when it started becoming dirty. The patience of this mother is impeccable who never stopped us from creating them but do we actually care. In the run of advancement we used the premier resources such as the natural resources and the primarily obtained sources such as the wood, the metals and stones. Gradually we found their replica and new substances that could replace them and serve the same.

Initially we had to hunt for obtaining materials to manufacture these things but the technical upliftment made it easier for him to manufacture. But, this ease led to some harmful inventions one of which is plastic. Plastic has become a part and parcel of life and we use it as replacement of most of the things. For example fiber chairs, fiber plastic bottles, fiber utensils and many more. These wares are useful and easy to get, hence we use them or prefer to use them over others. Plastic is a good innovation but it has reached its extreme and now the scientific research is coming onto the point that their regular use can lead to harm especially when comes to bottles.

The use of plastic for shopping instead of jute bags is our practice we do not fed up of doing it hardly looking at their disadvantages. We need to see this situation while going at the dump yard which is filled with all those poly bags and bottles that we use and dispose easily. Those dump yards are now huge in number and the area around it are extremely harmful to breathe where. We still do it and become blind to these without thinking that it is also leading to soil pollution. Soil layer takes a toll of time to be formed. When we do it we kill the probability of farming which would ultimately lead to our dependence on others.

The result will be our downfall. So there is a need of removing this deathly thing from our world so there must be some measures to control this excessive growth of plastic that are as follows i We must use paper, canvas, and other healthy-fiber bags. ii. If we go on a shop we must tell the shopkeeper to give us a paper bag and it will be much better to take our own paper bag at the shops. iii. Use wax paper bags, cloth napkins, or reusable sandwich boxes iv. Use only glass bottles or cans. v. If we buy a bottle of water it will cost us 1000 times more than the water coming from our taps so water being the most essential thing must not only be consumed by buying the mineral water bottles but also be consumed the water running through our taps. vi. Pre-bagged produce uses wasteful packaging. vii. Tiffin (stainless steel food containers) is a long tradition in India.

They store food well, have longer life than TupperWare Tiffin made up of plastic. viii. Look for and reward earth-s friendly packaging choices, e.g., Buy greeting cards in paper boxes instead of clear plastic shells. Ask you florist for flowers wrapped in paper, not clear film. Use pens that refill instead of landfill. ix. We must support and promote the campaigns for removal of plastic by government. x. Fishermen should not throw away waste line, net or plastic litter – this causes huge suffering and many deaths of fishes. xi. Practice and promote paper disposal of plastics in your home and at the beach. Never dispose off plastics in the sewage system. xii. At the beach dispose off plastics and other litter in the bins provided. If these facilities are inadequate, contact the local authority responsible for this and lodge a complaint. xiii. In the street never throw plastic or other litter out of your car and do not drop it on the pavement or in the gutter. xiv. The children must be encouraged not to use the plastic bags or toys because it led to a great harm to our mother earth. So at this earth day 5 June let us give our mother earth a gift of not using the plastic .because plastic is the only thing that is responsible for polluting our earth. Due to which millions and millions of the animals and the humans are dying on the daily basis. 


Isha Jain D.P.S. Dhuri