Letters to Editor

By Pranjal Aggarwal, Class 8, Delhi Public School, Dhuri, Malerkotla

"Drugs take you to the hell, disguised as heaven” a veracious remark by individuals. Drug abuse is a serious on-going issue which has demolished a no. of lives. We generally remark – ‘Stop Addiction’ but what this addiction (or drug abuse) is? It actually refers to an excessive intake of drugs which is carried out due to some tension or pressure. Nowadays, it is a worldwide problem and youth is said to be more prone to become a victim of it. It is a gloomy practice. It is said that drugs are referred to be smuggled to India.

Through surveys, it is recorded that in India it is a major problem in Punjab. The no. of addicts in Punjab is 4 times the global average. The one-day expenditure on drugs in Punjab is about Rs. 20-crore. Punjab suffers a lot from this destructive calamity.

Prevention of addicts is a must and measures such as-

Fearless action of police and government
Campaigns carried out by physicians
Attentive measures by parents should be taken.

Creating awareness is also needed. Being a student, we can start creating awareness in rural areas and to the people who are accustomed to it. They must not be pressurized and we should let them to themselves realize their mistake rather than shouting on them or making them feel ashamed in front of others. One must let them to realize the reality that by this they are destroying themselves only. So, every individual must aware and inspire because inspiring leads to a change but forcing and shouting don’t even affect. We all must join our hands to let the nation fly out from this obstructive epidemic. 


Pranjal Aggarwal Delhi Public School, Dhuri