The Sixth Unwanted River

Letters to Editor

By Savreet Kaur, Class 9, Delhi Public School, Malerkotla

The sixth river of drugs is overflowing in Punjab… Punjab is a land of farms and agriculture. But nowadays there is a new agriculture becoming common among the youth of Punjab that is the cultivation of drugs. The sixth river of drugs is formed. In Punjab there are many widows whose husbands died because of consumption and overdose of drugs. In June there were 23 deaths in total because of overdose and in July 17 deaths. Approximately, 20 deaths per month. In Punjab most of the people vote to that candidate who provides them drugs and alcohol. It has become the formula of elections. This leads to loss of the drug addicted person’s family and children. The government must take strict actions and measures to control this loss. Otherwise our Punjab is in DANGER…


Savreet Kaur Delhi Public School