My Wishes


By Yashfeen Fatima, Class 9, Carmel Convent Senior Secondary School, Bhopal

I wish, I was a pearl stream, 
Holding immense treasure deep within me. 
Wish I was a blooming flower, 
Which the eyes can stare and souls can muse, every hour. 
Or a twinkling star, 
Glittering throughout the darkest hours. 
I wish, I was a streak of light at the break of dawn. 
Or a humming bird, twittering the song of love. 
Wish I was as mighty as a cedar, 
Branches held up, reaching very far.
I wish, I was a raindrop, pattering on the windowpane, 
Or quenching thirst of wilderness and vain.
A piece of pottery or a mural, 
Breathing color and art. 
I wish, I was an ocean, heart filled with serene calm and passion.
Or a pebble at the horizon I wish, and I wish I was.


Yashfeen Fatima Carmel Convent Senior Secondary School