A Friendly Alien


By Karthik Baskar, Class 3, Bombay Scottish School, Powai, Mumbai

It was a dark rainy night. I read my favourite science book and went to bed. Today I read about Pollution. Suddenly there was a loud thunder in the sky. And I noticed something strange! A bright green ray was falling in my balcony from the sky. "What’s that?” I wondered. Suddenly beams of green light flashed everywhere and a bright golden spacecraft landed in my balcony. It was a UFO, yes a UFO which I had seen only in movies and read in story books. My eyes were wide open in surprise and an unknown fear.

Out came a green alien with red eyes and blue tail. The alien looked at me and told, "Don’t be afraid Karthik. I am Agent 00YZ on a special mission from Mars. I am your friend and came here to help you.” Help me? But I do not need any help! I told. You need my dear friend, told the alien. A big monster called Pollution is soon going to eat up your planet earth. You have been chosen as our super-agent to save earth and I am here to guide you as what has to be done to save yourself and others.

I felt proud of myself, wow! Super-agent. I was now curious to know my mission details. Alien explained me that now we have to be very alert. We should immediately stop adding anymore impurities to our earth’s environment. He told me to grow more and more trees and stop adding harmful chemicals to air, water and soil. I promised my dear friend 00YZ that I will do my best to save earth from the pollution monster and will convey his message to all the people around me. The friendly alien smiled at me and told good bye. He then flew away in his space-craft to meet the next super-agent.


Karthik Baskar Bombay Scottish School, Powai