Teenage Struggle

Just For Fun

By Aeshita Singh, Class 7, Oberoi International School, Mumbai

Teenage struggles Teenager? So what? No big deal when I become a teenager right? I am going to be the same me with nothing to worry about! *Boom*. I look down and see everything changed. I am taller, I feel really mature and for some reason, I am starting to worry about all the things that are happening to me. Am I actually gonna change and not be the same old girl of who I was? A silly and naughty little girl who used to be happy in all situations. I rushed to my dad's room to find him reading the newspaper and smoking his same cigar pack which was almost getting over. He looked at me and made a questioned face. I asked him what happened.

"Have you studied for the 3 tests you have today? Remember all the notes I made you write down yesterday? Keep them in mind and keep practicing it. And remember your guitar class after school? You have your exam coming up! Ohh ya and before you go do not forget to write the essay for the competition we made you sign up for!” My dad said. He went in sooooo much hurry that I got really frustrated. I stamped out and reached the front door. I forgot why I was looking for my father. Now I am really puzzled why not my father is just playing with me like he used to do. Lots of questions popping out. Now everyone is giving me instructions on everything like how to eat, how to sit, how to talk… God! Who will listen to me, I mean what is going on in myself? I am becoming more impatient. I get agitated often. I am becoming more conscious of my look. To find out answers I went to my Mom.

She explained to me. "Yes… You are going through puberty, so many hormonal changes not only physically but also mentally. Mood swings are a common sign of these hormonal changes. This is a sign of more maturity! At this stage you start getting more attracted to other genders, they get more cautious and want to be perfect. Now, now, you are getting late for school. Of you go!”. I waved my mom bye.

Now I understand MOST of the things and now I am more comfortable about this topic. As I waited for my bus I saw my friends and I waved at them. They looked at me and just stared at me from toe to head. I was confused then suddenly again many questions starting popping up in my head like, what if they do not like me? Am I fat? Is my dress torn? Wait, what if they are gossiping about me and what if they spread it around the whole school? Should I go talk to them? Do they hate me? What if my breath stinks and blah and blah and blah.

The bus arrived and I stepped on and took a seat. We reached school in just no time and my first block was drama. We had to think of an unfamiliar situation and perform on it. 15 minutes went by and I think that my group did a pretty good job. I went to drink water when I overheard my friends talking about something. I thought it might be interesting so I went and joined them. I went to them and was shocked by what they were talking about.

Here is what they said, " Have you tasted wine?” one person said "Obviously. I haven't even drunk it. It is not that bad but alcohol is the WORST! Or maybe I just need to get used to it.” Another girl said. I backed off. Wine and alcohol? How could they do that? They are ju-... Wait. I think that I should drink it too. What if we are small, right? What will be the harm in tasting it? Ehhh. I will go home and taste it and then all of my friends will talk about this and this will be so much fun! I thought in excitement.

Oh, oh, I said to myself. If I do anything like that then my mom and dad will literally kill me! My Mom and Dad faces started roaming all around me, and not their happy or their ‘cool’ faces but their super angry faces. One day when I was just holding the wine bottle, and smelling it, my mom had hit me right behind my ear and now I could listen to that slap’s sound echoing all around me. So that basically means that alcohol is not for us! Big NO… Time went by really fast and in school and in no time I reached home. I took out my house keys and opened the house by the key. I dropped my bag and decided to have some snacks. Today I decided to have an apple and a slice of bread. I opened my room door and sat on the bed. I was about to take on a bite of the apple when I do not know but suddenly I started hearing these things that my friends always used to say to me like, Lose weight, you are so fat, oh look the chubby cheek is here. Even once in P.E class, I wanted to be on top of the pyramid but my group mates said that I am too heavy and the other people might collapse and die! I was so hurt that time. But now, enough is ENOUGH! I put my plate aside and put it on the table. I tried not looking at it as I was super hungry but now that I had decided on a change, I had to complete it. I first went to get the weighing machine.

I stepped on and saw the starting weight, 44.6 kg which is ok-ish for a 14-year-old girl but I really needed to lose more and more weight to be skinny. I just think that I am not skinny enough. I came back from the gym and felt dizzy. I straight up went to the room and went to bed. 2 hours past. I felt really bad. I felt lousy, I had a migraine, I felt dizzy and my stomach was hurting a lot too. My dad came in and was worried but I just pretended to sleep cause I HAD to miss dinner to loose weight. I went to bed but couldn't sleep. At last I went to the kitchen and ate my food that was waiting for me to take it into my mouth. 😋 Just kidding. After eating my dinner, I went to my room and slept soundly. After this day I have learned a really big lesson about the teenage year. You have to make a decision which does not harm you in any way and that you do not get affected by the things your friends say and tell you to do.


Aeshita Singh Oberoi International School