Being a Shoe

Just For Fun

By Parneet Kaur, Class 7, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Shoe Being a shoe is not easy, but it is also fun.
Sometimes, I get to go to many places around the world. 
When people wear me they take me to places I have never seen. 
It is wonderful seeing new places and things.
I sometimes feel scared when someone is about to put their foot in me.
Oh! How I want to run away, when my owner puts his stinky feet in me. 
I feel sad when I'm left at home and have nothing new to see. I'm a shoe. 
No one cares about me but I have feelings too. Ouch!
It hurts so much when a stone rolls under me and leaves me sore.
I try my best to make sure that nothing happens to the foot inside, 
But I don’t know how much I have to bare to keep it safe. 
Sometimes I want to run away and be free but I know I can't.
I'm a shoe. No one cares about me. 


Parneet Kaur Learning Paths School