The Computer Language

Just For Fun

By Hanzala Umar, Class 4, Eastern Public School, Bhopal

Hey! Today I will tell you about computer language. Every robot or computer works on coding. Coding is a set of instructions for machine because they don't speak languages like humans. They just follow commands given in codes. The computer languages are -Python, Java, C, C++ etc. The most popular language of computer is Python because it's free to use.

These are used to make games, websites and commanding for doing coding. Those who learn this coding have to do a course on it. they learn from making codes for small and large games etc. For large games like Pub G and Fortnite, they need large teams to work on its coding.

They don't learn the coding, they just follow a set pattern. When they are done making codes, they publish it on app store. Companies hire coders to design and code websites for them like Amazon, Flipkart,Paytm etc. They give 20-40 thousand rupees for each website. Coding is fun and e should learn more about it. It's going to be a revolutionary career in future.


Hanzala Umar Eastern Public School