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Beauty and the Beast (March, 02, 2017)

Last Date for Entries: 12th March 2017

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RUFF Kids is one of the largest selling kids wear brands in India and the Middle East. Its succes...

Accordion Fold Organiser

What You Need: Cardboard Coloured chart paper Scissors Glue Tape M...

Fruit Coasters

What You Need: Cardboard Pencil Paints Paintbrushes Scissors Black marker ...

Skewered Protein with Brown Rice

What You Need: 250 grams protein (you can use boneless chicken breasts, tofu or paneer) 1...

Adopt a Balanced Diet for Children

by Namita Jain  Why do we require a balanced diet? You have to eat a balanced diet&nb...

Pictures From Italy

This book is one of Charles Dickens' earlier works. It takes you on a fantastic journey into&...

Wall of fame

  • Artwork

    By V. Varshith, Class 3, Care International School, Trichy

  • Festival of Lights

    By Ananya Mehta, Class 2, Delhi Public School, New Delhi

  • Dutch Houses

    By Ananya Mehta, Class 2, Delhi Public School, New Delhi

  • Painting

    By G. Sarveshwaran, Class 3, Care International School, Trichy

  • Artwork

    By Arham Shah, Class 7, Mahapraagya High School, Mumbai

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    When we sweat, our body secretes a liquid on the skin, which helps lower the body temperature. When we shiver, the opposite process t

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