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Discover bestselling books for kids by India’s favourite newspaper for children.  

STEM Books by RobinAge

READY, STEADY…STEM! Spark curiosity in bright young minds with this three-book set that explains early concepts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an easy and engaging way for little learners.

Activity Books by RobinAge

My Super Smart Activity Book series by RobinAge is for super smart kids. Its stellar combination of brain-boosting puzzles, cool facts and trivia helps stimulate the child’s brain, encourages curiosity and gets kids thinking and growing. Every book in the series promises to keep 6- to 10-year-olds entertained and engaged for hours.

Books About India by RobinAge

Take a virtual trip across India, get inspired by the builders of our nation and celebrate Indian history and culture with these bestselling books by RobinAge, perfect for children aged 9 to 14 years!  

GK Books by RobinAge

Why do our eyes water when we cut onions? Why does the Earth rotate? Why can’t penguins fly?

Find the answers to these and many other fascinating questions in this series of fact books by RobinAge, perfect for curious kids aged 9 to 14 years!

School Workbooks by RobinAge

The Pro Kids series by RobinAge hopes to inspire multi-dimensional learning by helping students draw inferences from their own lives and apply it across a broader perspective. It takes students’ knowledge beyond textbooks by helping them apply their learnings, a process that enhances understanding and reduces rote learning.


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