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New research has proved that honeybees can be trained to tell the difference between odd and even numbers. Before this, humans were the only animals known to have this ability. Earlier studies had proved that bees understood the concept of zero and could add and subtract too. This research will help scientists study bee brains, which might help build better and faster computers.

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In the Women’s T20 Challenge 2022–an Indian women’s cricket T20 tournament that has been held since 2018–the Supernovas won against Velocity by four runs. The Supernovas was led by Harmanpreet Kaur, who is an all-rounder in the Indian women’s cricket team.

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52-year-old Kami Rita, a sherpa from Nepal, set a new world record for climbing Mount Everest the most times. He has now climbed Mount Everest 26 times.

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Patron, a two-year-old Jack Russell terrier from Ukraine, who is professionally trained by cynologists and works with State Emergency Service rescuers in Chernihiv, Ukraine, was recently given a bravery award by Ukraine’s President Vlodomyr Zelenskyy. He has helped neutralise hundreds of explosive devices since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

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