My favourite kids' newspaper is RobinAge because it contains many puzzles, activities, fun facts and also all the latest important news in the world. I love to read the general knowledge pages and to participate in different competitions conducted by RobinAge. Thank you RobinAge.
Harini B
Class 3, DAV Public School, Hyderabad
I am one of the thousands of readers who reads RobinAge with curiosity for the next coming issue and I read every issue of your newspaper. Firstly, I read this newspaper because it is one of India's bestselling newspapers. Secondly, it carrys many knowledge-giving facts, which enhance our general knowledge. Thirdly, it has many national as well as international news pieces on inventions, sports, art and many other fields of knowledge. I feel happy to see that you are trying so hard to make every new issue more interesting and informative than the previous one. Thank You!
Tushar Yadav
West Bengal
O! RobinAge How sweet is your name! How magnificent is your fame! How enchanting is your game! The more one gets you The more one desires you And every defeat Increases one's desire for you! You always come to those Who dare to work And not to those Who complain! After a laborious work You provide a feel of comfort To those who read you Who does not crave for you! How sweet are you!
Saashi Jain
Class 5, Delhi Public School, Sirsa, Haryana

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