5 Ways in Which Reading RobinAge Helps Kids

Reading is an essential habit for children. However, in this age of technology, it can sometimes be difficult to get children to read. Given this reality, newspaper reading can serve as an ideal means to inculcate the habit of regular reading in kids.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
– Dr. Seuss, ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut’

As a parent, you already know that reading is an essential habit for children. Reading not only helps kids improve their vocabulary and general knowledge, but it also enhances analytical, memory and writing skills. Research also shows that reading reduces stress and keeps the mind sharp.

However, in this age of technology, it can sometimes be difficult to get children to read. Given this reality, newspaper reading can serve as an ideal means to inculcate the habit of regular reading in children.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reading a newspaper, not all papers are appropriate for children as they may carry news that is best avoided by younger audiences. RobinAge has been designed to fill this gap with its engaging, interactive and positive content that is designed specifically for children aged between 4 and 15 years. Here’s how reading RobinAge can help your child:

1. RobinAge helps children develop the habit of regular reading

Newspapers help children develop the habit of reading by regularly providing kids with a large quantity of information that is broken up into smaller articles and covers a variety of topics. This allows young readers to read small amounts of text on subjects that interest them, increasing the amount of text they read as they go along. 

RobinAge carries news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture, environment and more, delivered to your doorstep on a fortnightly basis. This diverse content allows children to read what interests them while the fortnightly format provides kids enough time to go through RobinAge’s content given their hectic lives and busy schedules.

2. RobinAge creates awareness on a range of subjects and stimulates interest in learning

RobinAge carries a variety of content, from local and world news to art and craft, technology, history, sports and environment. This diverse content is written using simple English and is designed to appeal to children of all reading levels and interests. What’s more, the content is accompanied by colourful images as well as fun activities, puzzles and interactive projects that will draw in and engage even the most reluctant reader.

RobinAge also covers subjects that children are unlikely to come across at school including forensics, art history, design and fashion, pet care, hobbies, cinema and music. Exposing children to such a variety of information at a young age will stimulate their curiosity and ensure they grow into well-rounded adults with strong communication skills and diverse interests.

3. RobinAge includes a Jr RobinAge supplement designed especially for young readers

Each issue of RobinAge includes a special 8-page Jr RobinAge supplement for our youngest readers. Jr RobinAge carries fun activities, general knowledge and school subjects and has been uniquely designed for young readers who are just beginning to develop their reading skills. At the same time, it can help older readers improve their language skills through activities, word puzzles and reading comprehensions.

4. RobinAge improves language skills

Reading a newspaper like RobinAge helps children improve their English speaking and writing skills. RobinAge’s simple language is easy to comprehend and where more difficult words are used, a glossary explains the meaning and pronunciation of words.

5. RobinAge provides news and information that is relevant to school projects

RobinAge is designed keeping in mind the school syllabus so that topics covered can be used to complete school assignments. Be it science experiments, historical events, English grammar, craft projects, topics related to the environment or countries and their capitals, RobinAge has it all. What’s more, articles are accompanied by facts, figures and beautiful images that provide children with an in-depth understanding of topics covered and can also be used in school projects.

When it comes to making reading fun and interesting for children, RobinAge is miles ahead of the regular daily broadsheets and tabloids. So subscribe to RobinAge and give your child the gift of knowledge!


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