6 Movies to Watch This Summer

If you’re looking to stay away from the summer sun and while away an afternoon, SANAH SHROFF, a class 11 student from Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, has just the list of summer movies for you to watch.

Long-lost twins Annie and Hallie meet accidentally at camp and find out that their parents had them separated at birth. Desperate to know their parents, Annie and Hallie decide to switch lives—Hallie would go in place of Annie to their mother’s house in London and Annie would go in place of Hallie to their father’s vineyard in California. But things take a horrible turn when the twins find out that their dad is going to marry another woman! Now, Annie and Hallie try their best to make their parents fall in love with each other once again. Can they succeed and get the happy ending they want?

Available On: Disney+


Hotel manager Robert Grant is forced to postpone his family vacation by his boss when a hotel critic checks in. However, this hotel critic named Lord Rutledge is actually a jewel thief with a trained orangutan sidekick named Dunston and together, they check into the hotel to steal riches from the rich. Sick of his life in crime, Dunston abandons his owner and befriends the manager’s son Kyle, who tries to save his new friend from Rutledge’s cruel mistreatment. This comedic yet heart-warming movie displays the meaning of true friendship and loyalty through Dunston’s and Kyle’s unwavering relationship.

Available On: Disney+


Lightening McQueen, the fastest and most famous race car, is used to praise and trophies—they are what he lives for! So, when he finds himself in Radiator Springs–a humble town, which is not something he is used to–he wants nothing more than to leave and never look back. However, he cannot because he is forced to repair their road, which he damaged. During his time in the town, McQueen meets people from all walks of life and forms friendships that would last an eternity. Most of all, the town, which he once viewed as a dump, teaches him something much more important than the trophies on his shelf—that life is about the journey and not the finishing line.

Available On: Disney+


Sawyer Nelson cannot be more upset about having to go to summer school because of his poor grades and worst of all, his older cousin Kyle is going off to join the military. One day, while heading to school on his bike, a fisherman asks him to call the marine hospital—Sawyer looks further ahead and sees a dolphin at shore tangled in a net. He runs to the dolphin and tries to cut him loose just before the ambulance arrives. Little does he know that from that day on, the dolphin and he will create an unbreakable connection and bond that will forever link them together.

Available On: Amazon Prime Video


Astoria, Oregon is home to the kid society ‘The Goonies’ who are enjoying their last weekend together as a group because a few contractors have bought their neighbourhood and plan on making it a golf course. But after discovering a map, which leads to the treasure of a famous pirate called One-Eyed Willie, the kids embark on an adventure of a lifetime—to find the treasure and come back home as the saviours of the neighbourhood! On their journey, they come across many obstacles that they must be one step ahead of if they want to avoid any traps!

Available On: Amazon Prime Video


Moana, an adventurous teenager, wants nothing more than to sail into the horizon—a dream which comes true but under the worst circumstances. Moana has to sail out into the open ocean to save her people. But first, she must find Maui—a demigod who has the ability to shapeshift into animals. Together, they face countless monsters and impossible ends. Along the way, Moana fulfils her ancestors’ quest to restore the heart of Te Fiti and both Maui and Moana find true friendship, and most importantly, their own identities.

Available On: Disney+


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