A Chance To Change

Avantika J, Class 7, Deens Academy Gunjur, Bengaluru

Life is a walk down a narrow lane
it has obstacles, you cannot pass
But to fare, you must be brave
May it be sunny, may it rain.
Sought after is a happy life,
Few experience it; few can’t
Life is a river; you got to row
to reach the other bank.
Life is a ship of adventures
you can come across dangers
be brave; put a straight face
be accustomed to changes.
Its from time to time
you get an opportunity
to change and reflect
so live life with clarity.
The New Year is a time of hope
it’s time to pursue your dreams
if you aim right; stand erect and fight
you are sure to get it right.
Sit back and reflect
make mistakes a learning experience
It is this one chance you’ll get
to get rewarded for your perseverance.


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