A Meal for a Murderer

Mishti Jain, Class 9, Don Bosco International School, Mumbai

Food is the source of survival and craving for living beings. Piping hot spaghetti satiates the craving of children. Let the process begin!

Knives smashing innocent heads in two halves. Chopped in perfect shapes and sizes. Bare hands squeezing the bodies. Raw flesh Drenched in wishy-washy blood and tossed in adulterated oil. Centipedes (bell pepper) were dissected to stuff the crawling worms inside. A meal is gross enough to make each connoisseur regret it.

Dead ants (pepperoni) squirming on a white stale plate grinned inside the bowl. Snakes circumnavigate around the plate. Hungry Mouths chew old ladies’ wriggly brown hair (noodles). The beetles (meatballs) were shrouded in the gnarl cluster of hazel brown hair. The stump of the broken tooth (cheese) is sprinkled to enhance this meal. Broken bangles disguised as noodles lure the hungry mouths. Murky roots (noodles) extracted from the ground companying red blood and chopped flesh. Grinding the left-over bodies (oregano and chili flakes) to enhance the taste.

Slurpy sounds echo in the mouths. Sucking in the death. Tongue licking the corners, to taste the leftover blood. Lips opening to welcome, unwanted creatures. Teeth’s chewing petite caterpillars, with bugs. Taste echoing in the sinful mouth. Skulls trampled under the teeth. This is what it looks like a meal for a murderer.

The craving plate mutates into a death anniversary. Such a meal could lead to the extinction of crawling petite creatures. Now let the process end.


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