A Rose with Thorns

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

Once jealousy said to the beautiful red rose
‘You are filled with innocence, I suppose
You have no strength in your petal
Where is your true mettle?
You may fill people with happiness
But you are bounded by tenderness
So, red rose show me your courage
Or I shall destroy you with my scourge
The little red rose touched the sky
She stared at jealousy with her red eye
And with her tiny voice, she yelled
The mighty jealousy tripped and fell
‘You may think I am fragile and weak
Or I cannot rise and speak
I may have the most delicate petals
But of all, I have an infinite power
So don’t show your rage to me
Or you’ll see your soul’s debris’
The jealousy grew more enraged
And the red little flower was left caged
Jealousy shook the red petals
The rose acted strong like a metal
The thorns of the little spirit fought like a brave
The jealousy was broken and life was craved.
She was a little red rose
With a shield of thorns.


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