A Scary Trip

Nilabja Pahari, Class 3, Young Horizons School, Kolkata

Whe! Whe!
The bus was going to Esplanade, Kolkata. My relatives live there, that’s why I was going to meet them.

When I was going, someone pulled me and my brother and threw us out of the bus! The bus went along another route. We ran after it, but couldn’t catch it. We then realized we had arrived at Esplanade by that point.

Locating our relative’s house, we went there and told them about the situation. They said to be careful because some bad people and some human-eating monsters live there. We were terrified after knowing that. They also informed me that this house was not ordinary but rather magical. If I say the last words that we spoke to a person, that person will appear here. I said the last words I spoke to my father. Suddenly, my father appeared.

Then I noticed that my relative’s shoes were pointing backwards. I understood that they were monsters. We told them that we would have to leave soon. When we were leaving, they sent a helper for our daily chores. We agreed to that but when we got home, I noticed that the helper had ugly teeth with blood marks on them.

I understood that this helper was also a human-eating monster. I quietly went to the kitchen, lit a candle, and put fire on the monster’s cloth. The monster was burned to ashes. I was relieved and drank some water. The water tasted bad when I drank it. I threw the water from my mouth in the basin and saw I had drunk blood! I screamed in a loud voice, “Aaaaaaaaa!”

Suddenly, my eyes opened and I realized that I was lying in bed. When I went to brush my teeth, I noticed some real blood stains on the basin. Was this really a dream?


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