A Society that Promotes Gender Equality

Angel Nobby, Class 9, Prime Academy School, Mumbai

Defending our rights makes us feminists. If we fight for the injustices we have been subjected to, they say we are playing the women card. We are not educated, and they tell us you just cook, clean, and sit at home all day long, without earning a dime. They won’t let us step out and say that we don’t know what’s going on outside. After being hit and told we are weak, we cry. We are harassed and they say allegedly she allowed it. Yes, ‘we’ are none other than the WOMEN of our world.

This is not the story of one household but most likely the story of all of us. One generation does it and teaches is to the next. How will the next not the repeat it? They are a chip off the old block. It is my dream to live in a society that is safe. This does not just mean being physically secure, but also being mentally and emotionally safe. I DEMAND IT because it is my right, our right. Girls and boys are considered equal, but are they? When it comes to female infanticide, India ranks at the top of the list. As soon as we are born, we’re already seen as unwanted, and they speak of equality. It is a custom to keep women in a separate room, to sleep on the floor, and to eat simple food without anyone touching them.

This is during those times of ‘impurity’ and they speak of equality. There are no plans to have a girl child, so if the girl child doesn’t exist, where will the boy child come from?
We will attain true gender equality in our country if these menaces are eliminated. It is not rocket science. In order to change the narrative and give women equal rights, we must all highlight the examples created by women.

How have we not proven ourselves? Astronauts, check. Medical doctor, check. The president, check. Prime minister, check. Arts, literature, science, music, dance, check, check, check. We’ve got it all. Bite the bullet. So much potential exists, it’s only a matter of time before women surpass men. They’ll take the world by storm!


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