ABCs of Occupations

Hridhaan Jain, Class 3, Lotus Veda International School, Delhi

The person who takes care of us is called a doctor
A farmer uses a sickle, a plough and a tractor
A firefighter bravely fights fires
Nature is what a gardener admires
The police keeps the city safe for you
An author writes stories, biographies and novels too
Bankers protect and manage our precious money
So it can’t be stolen by anybody
Scientists examine and study various things
Fruits and vegetables are what a greengrocer brings
A race car driver speed drives a car
A dentist advices you to not eat a lot of chocolate bars
A musician composes or plays music
A nurse helps us when we fall sick
A zookeeper takes care of animals in a zoo
A teacher guides and teaches us and also plays peek-a-boo
The one who studies space is an astronaut
An engineer builds and designs many things like computers and robots
Who makes your book interesting? An illustrator
The one who teaches you karate and yoga is your instructor
An umpire is like a judge in a sport
A queen lives in a palace, castle or a fort
We see an optometrist if our eyes are weak
A librarian maintains a log of borrowed books every week
Who takes care of a sick animal? A veterinarian
To get an x-ray, you need the help of an x-ray technician
Jockeys are riders who race on horses
Soldiers are a part of a country’s armed forces
A chef cooks while tables are waited by a waiter
Styling your hair is the job of a hairdresser
This is the end of the poem of occupations from A to Z
Ask your mother to read this before you go to bed


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