Accept Yourself The Way You Are

Krithick Ram, Class 3, Horizon International Academy, Chennai

In the country to the southwest of China, lived 8 years old Linda, the panda with her family. Her father was a hardworking man and worked as a forest guard. Her mother was a kind, caring homemaker. Cranny, the younger brother of Linda was studying in a preschool nearby her house. It was a good natured, amiable and generous family. Linda’s parents were overwhelmed by grief because Linda had a problem of short-term memory loss. Linda would forget something within an hour. So she went to a special school to enhance her memory. But Linda’s parents did not think Linda’s problem as a burden. They treated Linda as a normal child.

Linda was a serious video gamer, she loved to play video games 24/7. One bright sunny day, Linda was on leave due to some infrastructure work happening in her school. Linda’s mom said to her, “Darling, your father and I are going to a wedding today, is it okay for you?”. “Yes mom, I am very much okay!”, replied Linda. Dad requested Linda, “Can you do us a favour dear?” “Of course dad what is it?”, asked Linda. “You have to pick up Cranny from school, we will remind you 15 minutes prior to school’s ending time, will you make it sweat-heart ?”, asked dad. Assured Linda, “Yes mom and dad, it’s a piece of cake for me!”. Saying this, her mom and dad went to the wedding. The next minute Linda took her video game and started playing.

After some hours when Linda was seriously competing the final level in her video game, Linda’s mom called her to remind Linda to pick up Cranny from school, but she didn’t even notice it. Linda was on cloud nine because she successfully completed the final level with the highest rank.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, Linda opened the door, and it was Cranny, her mom and dad. Linda enthusiastically shared her video game experience to her family. Her mom and dad didn’t show anger on Linda for her blunder mistake, instead enjoyed with her. Linda didn’t even remember her mistake until she listened to her mom’s reminder voice message to pick up Cranny in her phone. Linda felt guilty and realised her mistake. She went to her mom and dad and worried about her mistake and left her video game with them. That night Linda packed her bag and set out to the fairy land to overcome her short term memory loss.

Linda travelled through many obstacles and ultimately reached a fairyland. The fairyland was full of clouds, beautiful palaces and gorgeous fairies hovering over the sky. Linda entered into a colossal palace, there sat a pretty fairy. Linda knew that instant that she was the Queen of fairies. Linda anxiously narrated everything to the Queen and her wish to overcome her problem. Fairy understood Linda’s issue and came up with a story to inspire her.

Here the Queen started her story. “Once upon a time there lived a bird called Oman whose friends made fun of him because unlike other birds Oman can’t fly. So Oman got depressed and only carried negative thoughts about himself and he cried a lot. One fine day, Oman rescued his friends from a dangerous animal. When Oman was in his home, he heard his friends screaming far away. He went to that place where he heard that noise and there he saw that a cheetah had tied up his friends. Oman ran straight to the cheetah, kicked the cheetah powerfully with his “long leg” and damaged the cheetah’s skin badly with his “sharp claws”. That’s the moment he realised his strength and felt proud of himself for the first time. After that Oman regretted the days he cried and worried, and perceived that flying isn’t the only power for a bird. Thereafter he adored himself a lot. There ended the story, and the bird Oman is none other than the Ostrich!”

“Linda, do you understand the moral from the story?”, asked fairy. Linda nodded with happy tears!

Friends, everybody has some imperfections, but the key is to find out “What he/she is good at and how he/she can enjoy doing it.”


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