An Adventurous Day

Nehmat Sharma, Class 6, Learning Paths School

As we saw all the school faculty gathering around in the garden, an enigma grew in our minds. “What is going on?”, said Geeta curiously. “No one knows”, said Varun anxiously. After some time, the school was declared closed and we were in a rush to get home. As we were going back, I got a good look at the garden and to my surprise, there were footprints on the grass. But not the regular ones, they were square shaped and from that some glue came oozing out of it. We followed the footprints, only one thought came to my mind, the silly old group “famous five” was back on track investigating a new case like this one.

After some time, while following them, we spotted a new castle that looked like it was abandoned a long time ago. Some creepy thoughts came in our mind after spotting the fresh dirt stains, some spider webs and some weird showpieces in the dilapidated walls of the olden castle. As we forced ourselves into entering the castle, the gate opened itself that left us questioning ourselves. As I took the first step inside, my conscience began to bother me even more, but we were lucky that the diligent and brave Neha was with us and led us the way. Some bats came flying out of the room we entered and surprisingly a smouldering fire was lit in the fireplace of that wary, old room.

After that, we made up our minds to leave this monstrous house and tell all the adults to handle this. As we went towards the door, the most terrifying thing happened. The door closed by itself and wasn’t opening, we were petrified and just wanted to go back home. “Oh, How I wish I was home!”, said Geeta, being agitated as she is all the time. We tried everything but the door didn’t open, but then Neha had an idea that we should try to escape from the window.

The first thing we noticed were the frightening and the plunging waves crashing into the sea-side. We got out and heard a raspy and cold voice from behind us. We turned around and there was a man standing there who had a pair of cold grey eyes, a huge moustache and a fearsome scare on his face. We ran as fast as we could but the gates were closed. The man caught us before we could do anything and we all went unconscious.

I woke up after a long time, and the first thing I saw was that Varun was trying to untie himself from all the ropes. We helped everyone and freed ourselves from the ropes and steadily moved towards the gate. We heard the grey-eyed man conspiring against us with another person. We found another gate and ran as fast as a bolt of light on that thundering night. Neha pushed us to get out of the house and we opened the gates to get her out. We rushed away to the nearest police station and told them everything.

They caught him as we showed our tongues to his bothered and aggrieved face. The police officers left us home and we finally slept in our own beds, not remembering the dilapidated and revolting house. “Oh! How happy I am to be in my own house!”, I said while yawning and recalling what an adventurous day I had just had.


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