Angel of the Wood

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

A young girl named Vanya lived in a cottage in the woods. One day, she found an old dusty book in her backyard. As soon as she opened the book a bright light came out of it… She was pulled into the book. When, she opened her eyes she was amazed to find herself in another world. There were beautiful mountains, lush trees, and clean ponds. She saw a monkey who was crying desperately. Vanya went near the monkey and asked him the reason for crying. The monkey said that he was happily living with his family in the forest, when a cruel witch captured his family and took them to her castle.

The monkey somehow escaped from the witch’s grip, but he lost his family. He told that the witch laboured many animals and made them work from day to night. He also informed that the witch had an invincible magic wand that could turn anyone to a different creature. Vanya was surprised on hearing the monkey’s story and promised to help him. She thought of a plan and asked the money to get more animals for help. The monkey at once went in the forest and brought many animals. There came some rabbits, snakes, monkeys, and a number of mice. Vanya explained her plan to the animals for defeating the witch. All animals agreed to Vanya’s master plan. At night they went to the witch’s castle. To reach to the witch’s room, they had to climb to the topmost of the turret. They climbed upon the wall of the turret and found two crocodiles guarding. Vanya instructed the rabbits to sing a song that would make them sleep. The rabbits monotonous voice made the crocodile quickly asleep. There was a big hole from which, witch’s whole room could be seen. The witch was sleeping, with her wand beside her. All the snakes tied their bodies together and made a rope. They hung down like a rope and reached down in the room. While a monkey got down to take the witch’s wand by swinging on the snakes. The monkey was just grabbing the wand when the witch woke up. She saw all the animals and started to pull the monkey.

The monkey however didn’t lose his grip from the snakes. All the animals started to pull the monkey from the witch. There started a tug of war between the witch and the animals. Seeing this Vanya ordered the mouse to go down and bite the witch. The witch hated mice the most. The mouse swung down and bit the witch on her hand. The witch cried with pain and fall on her back. The monkey snatched the wand and handed it to Vanya. Vanya spelled the witch by making her a mouse and locked her in a cage. All animals jumped with joy after their victory. They untethered all the animals that worked under the witch. All the animals thanked Vanya for her kindness. Suddenly, Vanya came out of the book. It was her reward for the good deed. She heard her mother call for lunch. Soon she realised that in the book she stayed for one day, but in reality only five minutes had passed. Without ado, she went for her lunch.


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