Are You Happy?

by Udeeta Borpujari, Class 8, Army Public School, Jorhat, Assam

The answer to this question varies when you are answering it. One moment you are happy but extremely sad the next. We associate happiness with being able to fulfill all our desires but this is not right because our desires are never ending. If one desire is fulfilled then another arises. This happiness associated with the fulfillment of desires is momentary and lasts only a few moments. So, how to achieve permanent happiness? So to attain it, we have to shift our dependence from the temporary desires to something permanent. Can you think of permanent desires? Permanent desires are those which lead to our improvement and progress. For example, the desire to increase our focus, desire to triumph over our distractions, the desire of connecting with God, the desire of calming our ever chaotic mind, so on and so forth. These desires are steps towards personal growth also. We can never stop having desires but we can definitely direct them towards the right path. I hope that you will try your best to convert your temporary desires to permanent ones and help others progress too. In the process you will get two way benefit of self growth and never-ending happiness.

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