Maheka Kedia, Class 6, Utpal Shanghvi Global School, Mumbai

Back to My Offline School

Back to My Offline School

The sound of the morning alarm
The beep-beep has its own charm
Annoys me in my sleep & tranquility
Sets me to discipline and punctuality.
Dressing up in uniform
gearing up to brainstorm
Hopping onto my bus ride
With freshness, joy and pride.
When teachers greet us back
feels a pat on-the-back
We move ahead with our school bag
Rush up the stairs so there is no lag.
Our time to play starts with the bell for recess
Talk, Eat, everything but stress
Planning my expense for the canteen
Learning to commerce growing up into a teen.
Live assembly, broadcasts, music contests and debates
Prepares for sports, competition, and oratory traits
Happy to be back in school
Gone is that virus which was not so cool.
Excited to be with friends at education square
chit chat, share and care
I’m loving every bit from morning prayer
my school is great learning feels like a fun-fair.


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