March 24, 2023

Being Human…

Sanchi Bansal, Class 9, Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Pitampura, Delhi

We us ourselves
We us ourselves|
Some might be wearing a turban, or some a white cap.
Some might be joining hands or some keeping a gap.
Some might be vegan,
or some eat chicken.
Different are the sects,
And different are the acts.
Why must we decide,
what is wrong and right.
We should follow one light,
Humans weren’t meant to fight.
We might be ethnically different,
But We share the same human content,
We all are born on one land,
Lets go ahead hand in hand.
We weren’t meant to hate,
Either intentionally or by fate.
How does it matter,
If one is slim and the other fatter.
We are the hand lines,
flowing in different directions.
But the palm of humanity,
holds our generations.
Let’s shatter all these illusions,
And demolish the dividing institutions.
Let’s make this world one,
It’s time for being human.


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