Book Review

Tanaya Neel Shah, Homeschooled, Palghar

Ruhi finds her princess is a very lovely book for kids. It has been written by Reshma Bachwani and has been illustrated by Anaahat Paritosh (aka Ruhi).

When I first read this book I found it very interesting as it is about a little child called Ruhi who wants to find a real princess. In the book Ruhi’s mother tells her all about princesses and how they live in big palaces and how they wear pretty dresses at balls. And then Ruhi says, “mama I don’t want to read and look at pictures of princesses any more. I want to meet.

Overall I really like the drawings and the whole story. I also feel that Anaahat (aka Ruhi) is very talented in drawing and might become a fine artist one day. I really love the character designs of Ruhi, Ruhi’s mom, the shopkeeper and the princess.

This book inspired me to believe in my dreams. When I keep believing, I may achieve them as Ruhi did.


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