Book review – Grandma’s bag of stories by Sudha Murty

Prisha Popat, Class 9, The Northstar School, Rajkot

This storybook is like a vegetable curry getting cooked on the stove. We add all different masalas (spices) to the curry to give it a good taste. This book has different genres of stories with different feelings told by Sudha Murty’s grandmother, Krishtakka, and then passed down from generation to generation because the stories are so fun and interesting!

I would recommend this book for all ages. Who doesn’t like to listen to stories, especially from our elders? This book led me from my home to Shiggaon in Karnataka, where Sudha Murty’s grandmother tells stories to her grandchildren when they come for their summer holidays. These stories will teach moral values to both children and adults. I feel these stories are connected to real life, as our elders not only tell us stories but also teach us real-life experiences. One of my favorite stories of all would be “The Story of Paan,” in which it is mentioned how, when, and why Paan was and is still made. What are the three main ingredients of a paan? You can find out in this story. Grandma’s bag of stories exemplifies the love and affection we have for our families and serves as an example of how loving and caring you should be with others. I hope you enjoy reading this book and share this knowledge with your family and friends.


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