Book Review: The Great Big Mystery Book

Hridhaan Jain, Class 3, Lotus Veda International School, New Delhi

The Great Big Mystery Book by Richard Scarry

This book is about two detectives, a cat and a pig, who solve strange mysteries. They are named Sam (cat) and Dudley (pig) and are good friends. I love their intelligence and how they solve the crime mysteries together. Dudley has a special umbrella that he uses to take out disguises for Sam and himself during cases. The author keeps me hooked to the book as he portrays the story in a very interesting way and narrates the events so well that I just want to keep reading the book again and again. It is well-illustrated, colorful and helps me imagine the story as it goes. To know more about Sam and Dudley and how they solve cases, read this amazing book by Richard Scarry!


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