Camera as Small as a Speck of Sand

An ultra-compact camera is one of the most recent STEM inventions.

January 01, 2022

An ultra-compact camera is one of the most recent  STEM inventions. Resear-chers from Princeton University and the University of Washington, USA, have developed this camera, which is the size of a tiny speck of sand. It is about half a millimetre across and has a production process similar to that of a computer chip.

The ultra-compact camera generates full-colour images, as opposed to previously developed micro-sized cameras, which were indistinct and dim. With its standard compound camera lens being around 5,00,000 times larger in volume, this camera may be a revolutionary stride forward in tech innovation. It also hopes to improve the process of diagnosing and treating diseases.

Did You Know?
Cameras actually predate photography since early cameras were able to only reflect an image where it could be observed or traced by hand.

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