Come With 15 Leave With 2

Ayden Robert Dcruz, Class 6, Bridge International School, Kolkata

Captain Drake and his crew are very famous pirates, who were know very well around the world, but little did they know the treasure they were looking for would turn out to be their greatest find yet. The treasure belonged to one of the greatest pirates in the world, Sir Francis Drake. Captain Nathan Drake and his brother knew about the treasure because they were descendants of Sir Francis Drake. Captain Drake’s brother Sam Drake was a very good pirate as he spent most of his life at sea. He knew all about the sea. So Captain Drake and his crew would leave for the sea on the 20th of January.

The pirates had large ships and cargo that would last for days. Captain Drake has a compass that did not point North but the compass would lead you to what you truly desire. So the crew already knew that this compass would lead them to the treasure. The following 4 days would be spent at sea only for doing research and bearings about the treasure. Knowing about the value and importance of the treasure Sir Francis had hidden the treasure on top of a mountain and placed a lot of traps for the security. Knowing this Captain Drake had warned his crew to be careful when they reached to the top of the mountain on the fifth day armed to the teeth.

When Captain Drake and his crew left for this amazing adventure there were no more than 15 men on the ship. As they began to ascend the huge mountain they had stopped midway upon coming across a strange sight, for in the wilderness of this mountain there stood an old dilapidated hut. Tired and exhausted from the treacherous climb they all broke journey and sat down for their mid – day meal and a decision was taken that the climb to the top would commence the next day after a well needed rest. In the middle of all this Captain Drake had noticed something very strange about the crew; he had only 10 men left with him. The Captain thought that the remaining would ultimately rejoin them after a while, but the waiting was in vain as nobody actually turned up and nobody form the remaining 5 returned. The next morning when the climb to the top of the mountain had commenced they came across a sign that read “DANGER” on it. This sign came to them as an assurance that the treasure that they were searching for could not be that far away for now.

Looking back Captain Drake again had noticed that he was missing a few more of his crew; nevertheless the climb to the top could not be halted in any way. Upon reaching the top of the mountain they came across a house just standing there maybe waiting for its next victim because upon entering it they were shocked to see it filled with traps, not only inside but on the area surrounding this peculiar house as well. Captain Drake counted that there are only 5 men left fearing that the rest might have succumbed to the traps laid out. Under close inspection Captain Drake had noticed that there was a tunnel leading under the house away from all the deadly traps.

The Captain had made a decision to do under in light of not losing any more of his crew. Unfortunately, as they were going through the tunnel they had encountered spiked walls and poison arrows that would shoot out of the walls when triggered and many more life taking traps and why not as around them lay the skeletons of many pirated who had tried and failed to find the treasure. As they reached to the end of the tunnel battling all that was thrown to them they had reached the famous treasure and leaped with joy upon finding it.

However, this glorious discovery and success turned out to be bitter sweet for Captain Drake and his brother Sam as at the end of this great adventure form the 15 that started out there was only the Captain and his brother left. Gathering what they could they were led out through a door leading out of the mountain. They came with 15 but left with 2.


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