Count Time

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

As Lord Loneliness wandered around, he saw a kingdom called Humanity. He crept in and realised that it was the perfect place for him to rule. He summoned his Advisor, Master Fear along with General Grief and his powerful ‘Army of Vices’.

They were thrilled to see the subjects taking everything for granted as they were busy quarrelling over tiny things and barely enjoyed the goodness that was being bestowed upon them. Princess Joy and Prince Peace were being side-tracked for Sir Selfishness, Dame Greed, Dame Jealousy and Sir Sorrow. Minutes and hours were being wasted on petty things. They decided to give the troublemakers more power. Private Prejudice and Captain Pain along with the other soldiers were called.

The plan was crafted and soon, they infiltrated the kingdom. The subjects started falling prey to the tactics of the Army of Vices and within no time, they were fighting amongst themselves. Colonel Courage, Dame Honesty and Brother Belief were asked to pack their bags and leave. King Life was extremely worried as the situation seemed to be out of control. His army, especially, General Strength, tried everything but all in vain. Prince Peace and Princess Joy were all set to migrate to a better place but Queen Hope stopped them. She suggested that all of them should pray to the God of Time.

Their prayers were answered and in no time, Count Clock, the Agent of Time, landed. First, he went with his clock weapon that made a deadly ‘Tic Toc, Tic Toc’ sound, to the place where Master Fear had planted the Dark Stone of Illusion. He asked Colonel Courage and General Strength to neutralize its effect with the help of Brother Belief and Queen Hope.

Once this brobdingnagian task was done, the invisible blinds were lifted from the eyes of the subjects by Saint Reality. They realised their mistake and requested Colonel Courage, Brother Belief, Princess Joy and Prince Peace to stay. They requested King Life to help them restore everything. Count Clock refused to let that happen unless they changed their ways, understood the importance of virtues and respected the God of Time. Everyone agreed as the pearls from their eyes turned into smiles of divine joy.

Count Clock and King Life’s Army marched towards the Army of Vices and defeated them. They ran to Lord Loneliness who proudly sat on the Throne of Eternity. With an evil smile, he said, “I can energize my army right now with the help of my Negativity Spells”.

That’s when Count Time told Lady Love to step forward and as she walked along with him towards Lord Loneliness, the sharp sound of ‘Tic Toc’ started ringing in his ears and he forgot his spells. Petrified to the core, he and his army fled to the Land of Darkness.

Kingdom Humanity profusely thanked their saviour, Count Time. He asserted that they make every minute special as the quantity is limited and happily flew away.


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