Creating Magic Through Books

Books are magical. A book has the power to transport its reader into a different world with interesting characters and wonderful adventures. Such exciting reading experiences are made possible by the hard work, dedication and creativity of talented authors and illustrators.

Authors present their ideas and imagination on paper, creating informative, entertaining and thrilling stories that keep readers engaged for hours. And what often bring an author’s story to life are the delightful illustrations that accompany the story.

There are many young authors and illustrators who are making a mark in the world of literature. SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to an illustrator and two authors to understand more about their journey.

March 01, 2023

Nevaan Mittal
Class 2, Pathways School, Noida

What is your book about?
My book named ‘Allen and His Escapade’ is about an adventurous boy named Allen who lives in Singapore with his parents. Allen’s imaginative journey begins when he visits Universal Studios in Singapore. He wishes to explore the whole world in a day and loves making maps.

In your opinion, what qualities do successful authors need?
An author should be passionate about writing, have a good vocabulary and be a voracious reader. They should always carry a journal to pen down their thoughts and sketch characters that come to their mind.

Do you think reading has helped improve your writing skills?
Absolutely! Reading has helped me build my vocabulary and I have also learnt how to describe different feelings, settings and characters. Also, I have been reading RobinAge since I was five. My favourite part of the paper is the poster page, which has facts about various animals. I also feel that joining book clubs is beneficial as it helps authors discuss stories with their friends and family.

Writing requires a lot of focus and creativity. Did you face any problems developing new ideas?
When I started writing, I was extremely excited and quickly finished the beginning of my story along with the setting and character description. The next part too was fun to write as I was already doing my research and was able to easily come up with ideas. But towards the end, I ran out of ideas and experienced ‘writer’s block’. Then, my mother helped me read a few more stories and think of many endings that I could create.

Anaahat Paritosh
Class 3, Sparkling Mindz World School, Bengaluru

Tell us something about the book you illustrated.
My mother, Reshma Bachwani, authored a book called ‘Ruhi Finds Her Princess’. The book is about the relationship between an imaginative and ambitious girl named Ruhi and her mother. As a child, Ruhi has a very unconstrained imagination. Instead of limiting Ruhi’s imagination, her mother encourages her to use her imagination to achieve her dreams. This story shows adults how a child perceives the world and gives them the message of unconditional love and acceptance.

Why do you think illustrations are important in books?
Illustrations help children to understand a story better. They attract smaller children and get them excited to read a book. But sometimes, imagining the story is also good.

How long did the process of writing and illustrating the book take and how did you feel after it was published?
We began work on the story and illustrations in the summer of 2020, during the lockdown. Finding a publisher took the longest time. The book was finally published in August 2022 and we are now on too. Seeing it in print, both my mom and I were happy and I was really proud of my illustrations.

What feedback did you receive?
Many people praised my art and creativity. I was told that the illustrations perfectly complemented the story. Readers enjoyed the childish illustrations, especially the ‘rainbow frog’.

Who is your favourite author? What do you like about their stories?
I have read many books by authors such as Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. Enid Blyton is my favourite as her books are about magic and fantasy. Her books make magical characters such as pixies, fairies and elves come alive. As we have never seen these fictitious characters, we do not have a fixed image of them. So, her books give us the freedom to imagine them as we like.

Aviraj Singhvi
Class 5, Witty International School, Udaipur

Tell us something about your book, ‘Aviraj’s Anthology’.
‘Aviraj’s Anthology’ is a compilation of 76 poems written in 10 poetic forms including diamante, limerick, cinquain and alliteration pyramid. My book has been recognised by the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records. The book also contains attractive illustrations. I was taught about these poetic styles by my teachers. I began composing poems and compiling them in my journal. I then decided to use this collection to write a book.

What inspired you to write?
I have read multiple books. Authors such as JK Rowling and Roald Dahl have inspired me to write. I love books by JK Rowling. I am amazed by how she has written the Harry Potter series and I also enjoyed reading ‘The Christmas Pig’. Her books are very detailed and exciting. Writing encourages me to think creatively and escape the world of reality.

Who helped you with the publication process? How long did writing and publishing take?
My mother helped me with the publication process. The illustrator illustrated every poem. My book was published by Notion Press Chennai. It took me a year to write the book and around three months to publish it.

What message do you have for other children who aspire to be writers?
According to me, it is important for aspiring writers to read as many books as they can because it will give them more ideas and improve their writing skills. I believe there is nothing such as good literature or bad literature so one should read everything. Books broaden the reader’s imagination. I think aspiring writers should write on a regular basis so that they can practise and improve their work.

Do you think authors have the power to affect society?
I believe that a pen gives authors the freedom to express their opinions on paper. Authors provide society with a plethora of literature that enriches society.

Ridhhan Jaiin

Ridhhaan Jaiin is the author of four books, ‘The Mirror and The Greedy Man’, ‘The Despicable Virus’, ‘Once Upon in My Mind’ and ‘Penny and The Monsters’, which were published when he was eight years old. He has also lent his voice to the audio versions of these books. He has shared details about his writing journey with numerous children and has conducted reading sessions for young children. Ridhhaan has also initiated various campaigns to support children in need including the ‘Be a Santa in Someone’s Life’ gifting camp for orphans in a Pune-based non-governmental organisation.

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If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

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