Kind Mouzy

Sreedatta, Class 5, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bengaluru

Mouzy is a mouse.
One day Mouzy went in search of an iPad to work on. First it went to a toy shop. Then he asked the shopkeeper: Hey do you have any iPad in your shop?

The shopkeeper said: No no no I don’t have any iPads. Next it went to a phone shop. Then it asked the phone keeper: Hey hey do you have any iPad in your shop? The phone keeper said: no no no I don’t have any iPads. Then it went to an iPad shop and then it said: I can see Many iPads in your shop give me one please, Mouzy pleaded. ‘Ok first give me money’ said the iPad keeper. ‘What is money! What to pay?, How do I get money?’ said Mouzy. ‘You are a digger right so dig somewhere until you find treasure’ said the ipad keeper. Ok said Mouzy and went home and started digging after sometime.

Then he found a treasure. ‘Wow’ said Mouzy and opened the box. He looked inside. He saw a diamond. He put the Diamond in his mouth and started walking to the iPad keeper. On the way he saw an orphanage. The children were looking sad. They did not have proper clothes, they did not have proper food, and so on. He thought ‘If I buy an ipad with this diamond, only I will get happiness but if I give the diamond to the runner of this orphanage, it will bring happiness to many.

So he went to the runner of the orphanage and sat near him and said ‘Sir I want to give this diamond to you so that you can sell this and buy nice clothes and food for these orphans’. The runner of the orphanage thought : ‘What a talking mouse!’ ‘Then he thought what this mouse says is right’. Then he smiled , Mouzy gave the diamond to him. He sold it , got money, bought nice clothes, food and gave them to the orphans. With the remaining money he also bought food and an Ipad for Mouzy! Then Mouzy thanked him and played with the orphans. After it said goodbye and went home.


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