Amrutha Vijay, Class 10, Sophia High School, Bengaluru

I can almost see it the dream that’s been waiting
away from the pain and the misery
filled with my happiness and new LV
away from this city,
away from this pain,
In Paris the city of love,
A fresh start, a new beginning,
away from the past, away from the pain,
Travelling and travelling seeing the world,
away from this hell town, forgetting it ever was
A new beginning, a new future
falling in love with Paris is just the start,
forgetting the pain and starting over
Living the dream,
cause nothing can stop it from happening
nothing can hold me from dreaming
nothing can hold me in my past
letting go is hard but
now I’m living my dream away from the memories
there say forget and forgive, but
forgive but don’t forget,
now no one can hurt you again
no one is worth the pain
away from this misery away from this pain
living my dream in Paris
without misery or pain


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