Everyone, Save the Only One…Save Earth!

Anvita Mishra, Class 5, Lokhandwala Foundation School, Mumbai

Have you ever wondered how the earth will be in a few years? It will be absolutely dry, kind of like earth before the big bang. Have you ever tried to stop it? Probably not. And I am sure, that while you are reading this, you will not make a difference and just continue your day. But a few people are trying hard and done a lot to save our earth. Some of them have screamed, we want our earth back, but has anybody replied?

I want to save the earth, along with a few other people or more. But how? I can’t just ask somebody to do magic and change this. So let’s look at what we can do right now.

Well, you might have heard this a couple of times, but I am repeating it again – “PLANT TREES”. And I know you might be asking, “Anvita, we obviously don’t have time to do that.” But it only takes a couple of minutes a little bit of efforts. We all can do it, but why won’t we? And an even better question, why am I doing this?

Well, we are not doing it because we think that it takes lots of time. But if we ever stop to realize, we can actually just do it at our homes, in our room. How? Well, it’s as easy as grab a container, fill it with soil, put in some seeds (from the kitchen ) and water it every day. Ta-da! Done. But there are still some people who might say, “But I don’t have time.”

Then there are many small things by which you can help our earth. As in replacing plastic with reusable containers/bottles, using paper/cloth bags, recycling and many more! Ah! There is so much we can do to save the earth, well then… let’s start making our home a better place for not only us but others too!


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