Pulkit Kalra, Class 2, Ira Global School, Thane, Mumbai

Many moons age there were 6 teenagers chosen for an adventures camp. The camp is in Isla Nulber island. Six teenagers are Darius, Kenji, Brooklyn, Yaz, Sammy and Ben. The camp was full of dinosaurs. These six teenagers were strangers. Darius was a smart guy and his passion was Dinosaurs. Brooklyn was 13 years old, a social media star. Yaz is so shy but strong girl. She is an athlete and disciplined. Kenji was a rich buy. He was born with a privileges. Sammy was extrovert and loud girl. Ben was a bookish and sensitive kid.

Dave and Roxie were camp counsellors. They were giving to ride to help them. Suddenly all dinosaurs escaped from their cage. Now six kids need to go from strangers friends family to survive. They understood and trying to help each other. Kenji became the leader of group as he knows the system. Darius is the co-leader as he knows about dinosaurs. Yaz became the backbone of the group. Gradually Ben became so brave he never so imagined. All were hiding their fear and show confidence. They all came out of the camp alive.


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