Fur Farming Banned in Ireland

In Ireland, a bill has been passed that bans fur farming.

May 01, 2022

In Ireland, a bill has been passed that bans fur farming. This bill has been supported by Veterinary Ireland, a representative body for veterinary surgeons in Ireland, and many other animal welfare groups. It is believed that minks, which were kept in captivity in order to attain their skin and fur, were being abused and imprisoned. These creatures, which are solitary by nature, found it difficult to live in small, filthy cages; they were never let out to swim or exercise. Now, due to the Animal Health and Welfare and Forestry (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2021, which was signed by Irish President Michael D Higgins, three mink fur farms that were still in operation will close. A compensation scheme for fur-farming operators who have incurred losses because of the ban has been included in the bill.

Did You Know?
Minks communicate using auditory, visual and chemical signals.


Using products made from fur harms animals. Name any 5 animals whose fur is used by humans.


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