Help, My Aai Wants to Eat Me! by Bijal Vachharajani   

Illustrated By: Priya Kuriyan | Published By: Puffin Books | Recommended Age: 7+ years

Written By: Bijal Vachharajani
Illustrated By: Priya Kuriyan

Avi has started to skip meals because he is scared his mother is going to eat him up! He thinks she is stressed, and according to his teacher Miss Mankad, bears, lions, wild dogs, tigers and salamanders eat their babies when they are stressed! During the EVS class, she even showed Avi and his classmates a movie where they saw a baby bear being eaten by his mother. And then one day, while Avi and his family were having dinner, Avi’s mom said to him, “I would love to gobble you up, my cub. Chomp, chomp. You’re so cute, I’d totally eat you up.” What does Avi do? Read the book to find out.

Published By: Puffin Books |
Recommended Age: 7+ years
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