Higher Than The Ground

Japleen Kathoor, Class 8, Deens Academy, Bengaluru

Seeds of love you sow,
And so I grow.
A tree stands tall in no time,
But you don’t have a dime.
You gather your tears of anger, and throw;
A tree more forlorn than you’ll ever know.
You regret loving for a taste of it will never be enough,
You let go as it gets rough.
Your giant heart has no space for me,
A tree in a land of roots gets lonely.
Labelled a misfit, I survive to prove you wrong,
In hopes you might change your mind along.
You never meant to look after what you create,
But to forget your mistakes ain’t it a bit too late?
Maybe the world isn’t the vicious one I knew,
Maybe it was you.
I raise myself as I let slip
You were the one supposed to shake my crib.
But it’s alright for now I know,
I’m alone in this show.
I’ll become my own saviour,
Forget what we were.
Living is easy when there’s no one to push me down,
The second I get higher than the ground.


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